Be Brave – Change can Happen

Secret of ChangeChanging the accepted norm can be hard regardless of whether its personal change, changing a company or changing society as a whole.

It can feel like everything (including our own brain) is set up to stop change happening. To be honest in a lot of cases you would be right, but it can be done.

Change does however take a lot of effort. Change takes constant commitment, and just when you think you’ve cracked it the reality is you’re only halfway to making it stick. It requires you to be brave especially when everyone is telling you it can’t be done.

This is way trying to convince people what they have been doing for years is wrong is a waste of your energy. Trying to fight against the structures that are set up to keep things stable and predictable is a waste of your energy.  My advice is listen to Socrates, spending all your energy on building the new and nurturing the small green shoots so they can flourish. Stick with it you will get there.

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