Speaking Engagements

I’m a passionate speaker who knows how to move and inspire an audience. I have a  great depth of knowledge and love sharing this with people through stories and insights. In all my speaking engagements, I try to provide the audience with tips, tricks and techniques that they can use in their job or company, so they have practical ways of making a difference straight away.

I  give talks on the following subject areas :

  • Agile  – Helping companies, leaders and teams get the most from Agile. My focus in this area is around people and culture. How to help people adapt to the change agile brings and how to help companies understand what they are not going to get from agile.
  • Build an Effective Team  – How to build empowered and productive teams full of individuals by giving them the ability to find their purpose, build mastery and be autonomous.
  • Women In Tech  – The challenges with attracting, retaining and developing women in the technology industry. Including how to spot unconscious bias and positive discrimination.
  • Digital Transformation – How not to throw everything away during the move to digital.

2019 Conference Presentations

Cloud Expo 2019 – Excel London – Building great technical teams

National DevOps Conference – British museum London – 2 Secret ingredients for innovation.

Email me to chat about your next event: email – Liz@ElizabethOneill.co.uk

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