Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching

How can I help make your organisation be even better

What is corporate coaching?

As a corporate coach I will focus on the working with individuals and / or teams within your organisation to help them to meet your corporate vision, mission, strategy and projects.

Before I start working with you and your organisation we will determine how we  measured success i.e. what does good look like and how do we know when we are there.  This will ensure that we actual and real results.

I have worked with many teams to help build better team working, implement new processes,  change culture, reduce conflict, develope better leaders and help to define vision and mission that every people are brought into. I have done this in large companies, SMEs and the nonprofit sector.

Each organisation is different so I create a bespoke solution based on your individual needs. This can include some or all of the following

* Executive coaching (Both face-to-face and distance)

* Team facilitation

* Independent review of the team and individual profiles

* Review of job descriptions in the context of the organisation’s mission and strategy

* Powerful feedback for individuals

* Presentation skills coaching

* Coaching for line manager

* Accelerated induction/performance based recruitment

* Project team launch (Agile and Waterfall)

* Conflict resolution/mediation

* Facilitation and team development 

corporate coaching helping meet your goal

How I work with you?

This is entirely up to you, it can be on a specific schedule or on a retainer depending on your needs.  I have worked with organisations to accelerate change or on specific projects. I also provide long term support via face-to-face coaching that can be supported by telephone or e-mail contact.

Normally I will start with an initial survey of your needs  and then working with you to create a bespoke program to suit them needs. 

What are the benefits?

Organisations that make coaching part of  their culture see considerable improvements in a number areas, including internal and external communications, productivity, employee attitudes, and recruitment and retention of staff.

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