Why Work With A Coach

Why work with a coach

Working with a coach is a very personal decision here are some reasons why it might be helpful

Why spend your hard earned money on a life coach? If your car needs fixing would you ask a friend? maybe, if they knew a lot about cars. If you wanted to learn a language would you ask your spouse to teach you ? again maybe if they could speak the language. However, we all know if you hire an expert it’s more  likely that you’ll would get a better and quicker result, however it may cost us a little more.
So why then does it seem unusual to hire an expert to help get a better and quicker result when it comes to something as important as reaching our life goals?. While our family and friends may be good at lots of things (including fixing cars and speaking Spanish) why do we believe that they know the answers to the challenges that are unique to us?
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As a qualified life coach, I have worked with many people looking for an expert to help with an area of their life that they were unsatisfied with. I have enabled them identify their personal and individual answers to some tricky challenges. Most importantly I have help them make real positive change through action.
Through carefully listening to you and asking helpful and thought-provoking questions I also enable you to:

* Gaining clarity on that your life goals

* Identify where you are with these goals

* Recognise stumbling blocks that you may not have been aware of

* Uncover unhelpful thinking styles and self-limiting beliefs

* Set meaningful and realistic steps stones towards positive change

Through the coaching process you will become more self-awareness, have more self-belief and develop additional strategies to move you forward. You will then be in a much better position to start making the positive changes that will make a real difference to our life.

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