Executive Job Search – A Different Approach

Think about the different jobs you have had throughout your career, how did you get them? How many did you find and applying? How many found you through a connection of some description?

In my experience many opportunities come as a direct result of personal connections. Through building relationships, building trust and a network of contacts.
Business is becoming more about who you know, who knows you, and, what they known you for. Historically this would be gained through personal face to face interaction and word of mouth.
While personal contact is still very important, social media has starting to play a much bigger part over the last few years. Mainly due to its increased influence and reach.
executive job search
Social media, in particular LinkedIn, Twitter and professional forums have created the ability for people to connect and share their knowledge and understanding. When used in conjunction with your personal network these platforms can dramatically increase your personal reach and influence.
This is all fine, but when it comes to finding that perfect job do opportunities come to you rather that you searching for them? The answer is yes.
Part of the problem is that many peoples expect their next role to present themselves, often in the form of very specific job adverts.
Rather than doing what everyone else does and search for a new role, what would happen if you had a different strategy?
What if opportunities came to you? What if you had the luxury of choosing from a number of options?. What if you could choose a role that aligns with your values, your strengths and what you are known for?

Well, you can.

Leaders who intentionally (both in person and on social media) build credibility, authority, and reputation around what they are passionate about and what drives them attract other people and increase their influence and reach. Dan Pink calls this passion and drive “purpose” in his book titled Drive.
For me purpose is the part of your job that is core to you as a person. The part of your job that you love, the part that makes it all worthwhile. What would happen if organisations were looking for people with the same purpose. What if they didn’t advertise specific jobs but looked for the right people instead.
Companies are supplementing advertising specific role with general advert aimed at finding the right people and making roles around them.
Statistics over the past 2 year say that only 37% of candidates think their next role will come from the unadvertised jobs. In reality, over 70% of senior positions will not be advertised.
That’s 63% of candidates competing for 30% of senior level jobs.

The Challenge

Every company is different. Every company has a unique culture, a unique set of values, guiding principles and experience requirements.
Like a company each of us has a unique set of values, guiding life principles and set of hard earned skills and knowledge built through a unique experience career history.
So the challenge is how do we match/ find a company with the same values, guiding principles and culture are ours? We use social media and face to face contact to build relationships and understanding on both sides.
In social media the key is to publish interesting readable content. You have to publish regularly, of if you are in a new role, or during a job search. Make sure your articles are helpful and informative and aimed primarily at prospective employers or recruiters. In posts it is important to showcase your skills. Remember to cross reference between Linkedin, Twitter and other Forums to get the biggest bank for your buck.
It is important to create protected time every week to engage in social media and face to face contact. It is easy to use ‘time’ as an excuse not to focus. Yet, it’s all about ‘choosing’ to prioritise these activities. Re-Tweet, Share, Like, Comment on on other people’s articles that you find relevant and interesting.
Approach this with a true ‘win-win’ mindset and it will serve you well. Share your knowledge and skills and you will be seen as an expert.
Use searches to find those you are seeking to engage with and be proactive.
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