What Do You Want To Be Do Have

Be Do HaveKnowing what you want to BE, DO, HAVE in life means that you halfway to achieving them.
In this post we are going to go through an activity to help you explore everything that you want to do, be or have. This will assist you to set short, medium and long-term goals.

Step one – The admin bit

Grab some paper and pen,  a laptop, or tablet, whatever you prefer to write on. Find a quiet spot where you can spend at least 30 mins doing this activity.

On whatever you have chosen to use create 3 columns, On the top of one column write BE.  On the top of the second column write DO. on the final column write HAVE.

Step two – Fill in the columns

Write down all the things that you want to BE, DO or HAVE. This should be a brain dump of what comes into your head,  don’t sensior it at this stage.

Next write in one brief sentence why you want to BE, DO, HAVE each item on your list. If you can’t do this with any of them, cross them off your list.

Step three – What’s important to you

Decide what is the most important areas of your life – for example…

Health & Vitality
Emotional well-being
Social life
Fun & recreation
Physical environment (where and how you are living and your surroundings)
Spiritual life

Define what success means to you in each of the life areas you have identified.

Re-read the list you have created and add,  change or delete  items to ensure it include all the areas of your life that you have decided are most important to you.

Step four – How important is it really

Take each of the items on your list and in turn and ask the  following question:
“Will having, being or doing this thing improve the areas of my life that I deem are important?” Give one mark for each item you answer Yes to

Step five – Volia you have your life goals

They are the items your have answered yes too 🙂

Your next challenge is now are you going to achieve these goals. Could coaching help you


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