How Can A Career Coach Help You

How Can A Career Coach Help You

There are a number of different ways having some career coaching can help you. From the practictical aspects of killer CV's through to finding the perfect career for you

As a career coach I can help you with a number of different work-related challenges: from practical things like writing or updating your CV, start your job search, through to helping you finding the perfect career for you.

I can help you to tackle key problems and issues within your current role, help to connect your career goals with your personal goals and values, and make the time you spend working more fulfilling.

At some point in our career we can all feel frustration, anxiety, fear or unhappy. If left this can start to spiral into unhealthy habits such as poor behaviour, not sleeping or not eating well.  These are some of the indicators that investing in a  career coach could help get you back on track.

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Do you feel something is missing in your career?

Do you find yourself thinking “what the hell am I doing here?” or “how the hell did I get here?” on a regular basis when you are at work? . Do you long for a total career change or is it just your current role that is the problem? Are you unsure what to do? are you scared of leaving the security of your current  job? despite the fact that you feel like the life is being sucking out of you slowly day by day.

No-one to talk to that is impartial

Have you tried to talk to your boss, your partner, your friends but it feels like they have an  ulterior motive.  As a career coach I can be that impartial sounding board, someone who is on your side, who doesn’t have their own agenda. Talking to someone totally disconnected from the situation can help you explore your options in safety.

Desperate for that promotion?

Do you want to progress in your current career however it’s just not happening for you.  It might be that you need to take an honest look at yourself and what you are doing or not doing that is blocking you.  A coach can help uncover what’s really holding you back.

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