Anything is possible with a little help

I run towards fires, I love hard problems and difficult challenges. I thrive on helping people do things that they thought were impossible and watching them reach their potential.

After nearly 20 years of leading technical teams, projects and change I know that people are the key to everything.

I have had the pleasure of helping some exceptional people do extraordinary things. I’ve supported people new to management grow and develop into phenomenal leaders. I’ve helped people gain a greater understanding of what they want from their career and how to balance this with other areas of their life. I’ve helped entrepreneurs and senior executives focus on the important things to grow their businesses and I’ve helped people understand what is really important to them.

I have a real passion for inspiring people to reach their full potential while maintaining life balance. I’m committed to shifting business culture: one person and one business at a time as the one size fits all approach to leadership development no longer works.

I know that coaching provides the best lasting results when it coming to helping people reach their goals and can achieve results where other approaches have failed.



I have been the mentee of Liz for a few months and she has been nothing less than a great mentor. She is very knowledgeable, attentive, a great listener, she has shared very valuable lessons and experiences as a mentor that have helped me tremendously. Friendly and professional  the interactions and sessions we have had, have made me feel very at ease to open up. I highly recommend Liz for coaching and/or mentoring if you seek real impact!

Magali Leroux

Leadership Coach


Liz has a very upbeat personality which is infectious, she provides clear direction and empowers you to be able to perform your role and is always on hand to provide effective support when needed. Liz encourages her team to continually develop themselves and backs this up by promoting talent from within the organisation. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent working with Liz and the challenges she set.

Shaun Jenkins

Scrum Master and Project Manager


Amy Bellamy

Technology and Data Consultant

But that’s enough about me I want to know more about you.

What has brought you here?,  Where are you on your journey?, How can I help? I’d love you to get in touch just for a chat / email conversation and hopefully I can help in some way. All you have to do is complete the form below.